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SNES Classic 90’s trailer reminds you of the fun you’ll miss out on when you never buy one

  • August 22, 2017

After a night of wrestling with Best Buy’s website at awkward hours and shady, unlisted, poorly updated Amazon pages that turned out to be the real thing, I’ve come to the conclusion that Nintendo has, in no way, improved your chances over the course of the year to score one of its retro consoles.

Oh, there’s still plenty of time to buy it up from one of the other retailers, but let’s face it. A lot of gamers aren’t going to buy one of these Super Nintendo Classic Edition consoles. Nintendo has made “substantially more” than the NES Classic Edition, which could mean anything from ten-thousand to two million units, but that still leaves out a large population of the Nintendo fanbase who will be missing out on all the retro fun.

After a night of failed pre-orders, Nintendo has, for two years in a row, turned us in into raving lunatics who stare at reloading retailer pages all day long because it couldn’t think of a better way than repeating its confusing methods from 2016. Go check out reddit and NeoGAF if you want to see the feelings right now as gamers wake up to the news that they’re already missing out.

Here’s a 90s inspired trailer to remind you of all that.

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