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SEGA’s next PlayStation VR revival is the hardcore shooter, Gungrave

  • August 31, 2017

Gungrave is a name that might mean something to turn-of-the-millennium anime nerds. SEGA’s multimedia franchise came from the mind of Trigun creator Yasuhiro Nightow and eventually went on to entail two PlayStation 2 games and its own anime series. None of these were universally loved, but they did manage to find a fanbase… and in today’s world, that means we can exploit the hell out of it for nostalgia!

SEGA has confirmed that it will be using the PlayStation VR as the platform for this revival, creating an “optimized” version of the original 2002 cult-classic game and expanding well beyond the narrative of the second game.

Gungrave follows the exploits of an undead assassin as he seeks revenge on those who betrayed him. The anime doesn’t feature the most original plot in the world, but it makes up for that with its blazing actions and amazing weaponry.

As for the games, they are mindlessly fun arcade shooters: linear as linear can be, but overloaded with so much style and flash that you won’t notice how repetitive the gunfights actually are.

Keep in mind that this game was released at roughly the same time as Devil May Cry. Our standards for action games had been shaken up like never before, and the generation wasn’t really privy to something so shallow. Nowadays, I think Gungrave would find a better reception thanks to arcade style being popular once again.

As a virtual reality game? Rock on! Gungrave could be a lot of fun! As the next big SEGA revival? Awe man, this ain’t no Ristar or Shining Force.

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