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Samsung’s next Chromebook will improve one oft-overlooked area

  • January 02, 2018

Just about every Chromebook ships with a disappointing front-facing camera. Samsung, however, would like to make its next Chromebook stand out by having that component be on the high-end side. It’d be useful for businesspeople, students, and anyone else constantly communicating with others by video. And that’s certainly not the only thing the company will push with this product. There’s no question that Samsung’s next Chromebook will boast cutting-edge specifications all around.

Nautilus, which is what the product is known as internally, will ship with a detachable display, a smartphone-level front-facing camera, and an Intel Core processor.

Pieces of code referring to Nautilus have been discovered by Chrome Unboxed, and it reveals key qualities Samsung is working to implement. Nautilus will be similar to the Windows-based Galaxy Book but offer some unique qualities as well. The front-facing camera comes from Sony. It’s the same IMX258 camera module found in the LG G6 that launched in early 2017. While LG isn’t known for shipping phones with the best cameras, this component in particular should still put Nautilus ahead of the competition.

Inside the two-in-one hybrid is also Intel’s 7th generation Core processor. The specific model couldn’t be identified, unfortunately.

In 2017, Samsung launched two Chrome OS-based laptops that didn’t skimp on much. The Chromebook Pro and Chromebook Plus. Both shipped with 720p cameras, which is standard for the not-so-cheap Chromebooks. With Nautilus, Samsung wants to go all-in and offer an excellent front-facing camera.

There’s a chance Nautilus debuts at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, but Samsung already introduced two new laptops a few weeks ago that are set to be showcased at the trade show. If Nautilus was attending, it probably would’ve been made official by now. The Chromebook is likely near the end of development, though, and might get announced in the coming weeks or months.

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