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Portability and power

  • August 15, 2022

One of my favorite features is the wireless charging pad nestled right on top of the unit. This is handy in that it’s … well … wireless, but also that it frees up another port for something else. It’s extremely convenient to be able to toss down my phone or earbuds without having to use up another port. A+ for this addition.

The front-facing ports are enough for most light to medium duty uses. Two standard wall plugs, USB-A, and USB-C options have all of the bases covered. There are very few times where I’d want more ports than the Voyager has to offer. Most of the devices I have to charge are USB-capable, while any devices like my coffee pot or griddle would do fine in the AC outlets.

Charging up the Voyager 1000 to full takes about 8-12 hours depending on your chosen input. Solar will in almost all cases take longer, but that’s also vastly dependant on the intensity of the sun. Plugging into a wall is your most convenient option. The included AC adapter, albeit a bit bulky, will get the job done easily. You also have the option to plug into your car accessory outlet if you’re on the go, which may be the best option for off-grid warriors who spend copious amounts of time on the road.

EBL Voyager 1000 What needs work

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