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Pizza Hut’s new “Pie Tops” shoes can order pizza for you

  • March 02, 2017

The shoes were created by Pizza Hut’s outsourced creative company “Droga5.” They feature a special button on the tongue that the wearer can tap to order a $7.99 large pizza. It’s kind of like an Amazon Dash Button, but on your feet.

AdAge said the company chose basketball shoes because they’re timely with March Madness right around the corner this month. You probably won’t be able to get your hands on a pair, though. Just 64 are being handed out, and they’re only being given to “influential” folks. You know, famous types who spend their time on TV.

You can still save on pizza

“The bulk of these will go to influencers (and) media, just to create buzz and talk value and we’ve reserved some for the opportunity for a select few Pizza Hut super fans to receive a pair of these custom Pie Top high-top tennis shoes,” David Daniels, Pizza Hut’s VP of advertising and media, told AdAge.

The good news is us regular folks can still take advantage of the $7.99 large pizza promotion, even if we don’t have the special Pie Tops shoes.

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