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Pixel Buds are ripping off some of the AirPods’ best features

  • March 12, 2018

In introducing the Pixel Buds, Google presented what it hoped to be its version of AirPods. Things didn’t exactly go as planned, because for one, the Pixel Buds’ hardware wasn’t as refined, and two, Google’s wireless earphones didn’t offer near the same amount of functionality as AirPods. The latter appears to be changing with the next version of Android.

According to 9to5Google, who scoured through code of the latest Android beta version, Google appears to be working on new features for the Pixel Buds. The new features are customizability for double tapping, new triple tapping functionality, and in-ear detection that pauses playback when the right earbud is removed.

Pixel Buds already offer a handful of touch controls such as accessing Google Assistant, answering calls, adjusting volume and pausing playback. However, the new update adds functionality that makes the everyday process of using them much more convenient.

The in-detection functionality in particular completely rips off one of the AirPods most popular features—that off automatic pausing playback when one AirPod is taken out. If Pixel Buds users are anything like AirPods users, the feature should be a big hit with them as well.

If Google follows through in adding the features to the Pixel Buds, they will likely come when Android P is rolled out to devices. Google usually pushes out Android updates later in the year, so if you are eagerly awaiting the new Pixel Buds controls, you’re going to have to wait a while.

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