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One year later: Apple AirPods are a must-have iPhone accessory

  • January 28, 2018

When the AirPods were introduced in 2016, I reacted the same way everyone else did: With wary skepticism. Surely, they couldn’t be as good as Apple said.

At $159, the wireless earbuds were expensive, and they looked funky, like electric toothbrush heads. Not to mention they arrived as Apple was “courageously” ditching the headphone jack, so there wasn’t exactly a lot of goodwill floating around the Cupertino campus. Needless to say, first impressions were mixed.

But a funny thing happened. People quickly came around to the idea of Apple’s wireless earbuds, with both critics and consumers alike praising their utility and ease of use. The hype, it turns out, was real.

Over the past twelve months, I’ve seen AirPods everywhere, from coffee shops to grocery stores. And not worn solely by hip young iPhone users, but a wide range of people.

More than a year after launching and the AirPods are one of Apple’s most popular products. In fact, demand became so high over the holidays that they were sold out at Apple Stores around the world. Clearly, AirPods have garnered mass appeal beyond the fervent enthusiast, and they’re poised to become an even bigger hit in 2018.

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