Nintendo announces three more indies for the Switch, including an oft-requested classic

Nintendo rolled out a celebration this week for indie games, proclaiming that the Switch has become a bastion for up-and-coming developers and hinting that there is still plenty more to come. Sales are strong, the library is huge, and in addition to pointing out the ten best-selling indie games in the console, Nintendo also introduced three more indie favorites that will be added to the roster this summer.

Without question, the one we are most looking forward to is a game we’ve followed since the very first days of its record-breaking Kickstarter run and a game we’ve begged to see on the Switch since we first learned of the console.

Hyper Light Drifter!

Yes, the pixelated, post-apocalyptic favorite Hyper Light Drifter has finally been confirmed for a release on the Switch. Issues between Nintendo and the game’s engine GameMaker led to the Wii U port’s cancellation, and they also held back the Switch release longer than expected. However, those issues are finally resolved and fans can enjoy this staple of the indie market portably for the first time.

Hyper Light Drifter is a beautiful game with a unique world and pioneering graphic style. I realize that many games nowadays turn to a similar style of pixelation, but when it first entered the gaming sphere, Heart Machine’s now-classic struck such a chord that it gained over 2400 percent of its original Kickstarter goal.

Fans were turned on to Hyper Light Drifter’s combination of classic Legend of Zelda combat and weird gizmos similar the tools found in Metal Gear, granting several ways to approach enemies. They weren’t let down by the game upon its Steam release either, which was met with much praise.

Hyper Light Drifter‘s Switch release has been a long time in coming, and for good reason. Its design allows for both a perfect “pick up and play” adventure that can be played anywhere and a meaty set of mechanics that demand to be perfected. It fits nicely alongside the classics that inspired it such as Link to the Past and other indie favorites that borrow from retro favorites like Stardew Valley and Shovel Knight.

It’s definitely a game you’ll want to pick up immediately upon release.

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