iPhone X Face ID enrollment detailed in new video

The leaks from the iOS 11 Gold Master software continue to roll in, and the latest gives us our first look at how you will register your face as an unlocking mechanism in Face ID.

Guilherme Rambo has posted a video to Twitter showing how the entire Face ID registration process will work. Get ready to strengthen your neck muscles.

Clearly this portion of the software isn’t launch ready as you can see some formatting issues, but the basic portions of it look set to go.

This latest leak adds further credence that Touch ID has been done away with in the iPhone X – or iPhone 8, the jury is still fighting that out – and now you will use your face to unlock your phone and make payments. Expect people to put this feature through the ringer with printed and digital photos within minutes of the phone hitting their hands. Can Apple overcome the issues other companies have had with facial recognition? Only time will tell.

Apple is set to announce all three of its phones on Tuesday, Sept. 12. Make sure to check back in with TechnoBuffalo for all of your coverage.

Article source: https://www.technobuffalo.com/2017/09/09/ios-11-face-id-leaked-video/