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If you own an iPhone, you’ll want to see this internal repair document

  • September 03, 2017

Do you ever wonder how Apple decides what to fix and what not to fix whenever you go into an Apple Store? That question has been answered. Business Insider managed to take a look at the 22-page document Apple gives its employees to help determine if an iPhone can or cannot be fixed.

According to the document, which is called the Visual/Mechanical Inspection Guide, or VMI for short, different types of damage ultimately determines how an Apple Store should go about approving or declining possible repairs.

Apple employees receive one for each product (iPhone, Mac, iPad, etc). The one Business Insider managed to take a look at was specifically for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7, along with the Plus variant’s repairs.

The VMI breaks down repairs into different categories like Eligible for Warranty Service, Eligible for Out-of Warranty Service and Ineligible for Service. Any number of issues are addressed in these categories, including hairline cracks, debris under display, damaged ports and warped enclosures.

There is also a questionnaire for Apple employees to ask customers before turning down warranty repairs.

Among the key details you probably already know is that Apple will not fix cosmetic damage under its warranty program and that replacing parts of the iPhone yourself will void the warranty.

An Apple employee did relay to Business Insider that the VMI is more of a guide than strict rule book.

“There are always those one-off issues that the phone is technically not covered under warranty but we swap the phone anyways under warranty,” responded an Apple technician.

Next time you go to an Apple Store to repair an Apple product, you’ll now understand why some things get fixed while others don’t.

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