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How to hit inbox zero 2018 style

  • January 28, 2018

Remember when you looked forward to getting letters in the mail from relatives, colleagues and friends? People don’t usually associate the same excitement with receiving emails.

In many cases, they sigh wearily and wonder how they can stop the seemingly never-ending influx of unsolicited and expected emails alike.

Perhaps you can relate, and have decided 2018 is the year you finally get to inbox zero and make it your new norm. The advice below could help you succeed.

1. Use an AI-based inbox assistant

Not so long ago, it was necessary to put conscious effort into managing your inbox.

That’s still required in some cases, but smart inbox assistants that use artificial intelligence to learn your habits could become indispensable for making sure you don’t overlook important emails. They can also automatically put non-essential emails in dedicated folders, allowing you to easily access them later.

Astro and SaneBox are two possibilities. The longer you use them, the easier it should be to start making an obvious dent in your inbox.

2. Delete messages in bulk

One thing that’s potentially stopping you from even trying to get to inbox zero is the number of messages to sift through before reaching the ultimate milestone.

Like many people, you may have had good intentions to stay on top of emails. However, life quickly gets in the way, and as your task list grows, clearing emails out of your inbox is no longer a priority.

Plus, the repetitive clicking required for powering through it and clearing out hundreds of emails in a single sitting is daunting in itself.

However, an app called Mailstrom groups messages in your inbox into categories. Then, you can click into one and easily determine whether the emails inside demand your attention, or if it’s appropriate to just delete them.

Also, Mailstrom has a one-click feature that blocks material from certain senders. That means if a few repeat offenders regularly send a few emails per day or several per week, it’s easy to stop them from prolonging your annoyance.

Similarly, there’s a capability that removes you from irrelevant or undesirable mailing lists that could be clogging up your inbox.

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