Here’s our first look at Tesla’s semi truck

The semi truck Tesla CEO Elon Musk said we’d get a glimpse at later this year has officially been teased in picture form—let the hype train begin.

During a TED talk this week, Musk showed off a video for the “Boring Company,” in which he envisions underground tunnels as a way to get around dense cities. After the talk, he shared a brief look at Tesla’s upcoming semi truck, confirming the prototype is already up and running.

In fact, Musk reportedly said he got to test drive the semi-truck just the other day, claiming it felt “like a sports car.”

Electrek has more:

The CEO also confirmed that the vehicle will be capable of long hauls, which was previously uncertain due to its expected all-electric powertrain requiring an incredibly large battery pack in order to travel hundreds of miles with a payload.

The Tesla semi certainly looks Tesla-y—at least, so far as we can tell in the image Musk shared.

Tesla is expected to unveil more details about its semi truck later this year, where we’ll likely get battery specs, mileage estimates, and more. The automaker will no doubt talk about the future of its autonomous technology, as well as the potential expansion of its charging infrastructure to support a fleet of semi-trucks.

We’ll know more in September.

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