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Fitbit Sense 2 just dropped. We tested it along with Apple and Samsung. Here’s what we found.

  • September 30, 2022

Apple Watch Series 8 review: Is it time for an upgrade?

How does the Apple Watch Series 8 stack up?

The Series 8 ($399 to $529 for 45mm, LTE) is a great watch. It’s both sturdy and elegant, with advanced biometrics for health and wellness. Communications are visually pleasing and intuitive. And the new watch faces are cool.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro Review

Unlike the Apple and Fitbit, which more or less stood pat with their hardware designs, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch ($449.99, $499.99 with LTE) series has been undergoing some changes.

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The verdict between Samsung, Fitbit and Apple smartwatches?

There are far fewer differences between what smartwatches can do today. So if you want to judge a smartwatch by its cover, then by all means feel free.

At under $300, Fitbit’s Sense 2 is the clear budget choice. And it will work with pretty much any smartphone available today. The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro and the Apple Watch Series 8 are both great smartwatches, but they’ll only work with their manufacturers’ phones. So unless you’re thinking about switching sides, you only have one choice between them.

Whichever you choose, know this: You’ll still feel just as good about your purchase in a year, when the 2023 models arrive.

USA TODAY columnist Mike Feibus is president and principal analyst of FeibusTech, a Scottsdale, Arizona, market research and consulting firm. Reach him at Follow him on Twitter @MikeFeibus.

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