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Final Fantasy XV’s Episode Gladiolus trailer is here!

  • March 14, 2017

Final Fantasy XV showed up big at PAX East 2017 this weekend with its Episode Gladious DLC out to prove that the game has enough legs to carry it throughout the year. As the first of these chapters, this one is responsible for setting the pace and tone that we can expect from the further three planned chapters.

Noctis’ bodyguard, Gladiolus, feels overwhelmed by several opponents he has faced down during the main game’s journey, and this side-story sees him set a goal of taking his abilities to the next level. The only way he can do this in time to complete his overall mission is to confront the legendary Gilgamesh, a wandering spirit who accepts challenges from worthy fighters.

Should he succeed, Gladio will find the inner power that he is looking for to defend his king.

Gladiolus can only get cooler at this point

Gladio is my favorite character in Final Fantasy XV. Square Enix created a burly fighter who also managed to have enough common sense to both protect his king and get rough with him when his immaturity started to shine through. He also seems like the least popular of the three supporting characters, getting his DLC first and never doing that well in polls around the net. Here’s to hoping that the DLC can give him some much-needed exposure.

Final Fantasy XV “Episode Gladiolus” will be released on March 28 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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