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Baa, ram, chew: Flock of sheep nearby Saskatoon doing the bit for conservation

  • September 03, 2017

Sue Michalsky says it can feel a small waste spending her days from emergence until eve on a level grassland nearby Saskatoon, Sask. though she is distant from alone.

Michalsky is a shepherd for a group of some 270 sheep in a Meewasin Northeast Swale charge area.

The sheep have one job: to taste their approach by weeds and invasive plants that make it harder for internal birds to live there.

As their guide, Michalsky spends each day from 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. relocating a sheep from tract to plot.  

Speaking over a gloomy sound of bleating from a dappled cluster of brownish-red and white bodies, Michalsky pronounced a sheep were unknowingly assisting a internal bird race as they filled their bellies.  

Brownie a sheep during Northeast Swale Saskatoon

Brownie is one of some-more than 200 sheep tasked with eating down invasive shrubs that make it harder for grassland birds to live during a Northeast Swale charge area nearby Saskatoon. (Alicia Bridges/CBC News)

For a birds

“Grassland birds are not unequivocally lustful of shrubs so one of a things we’re targeting is to try and hit behind or revoke a volume of plant that’s here so a grassland birds have some some-more medium to nest and hunt in,” pronounced Michalsky.

Michalsky hauled a group of furious sheep, and one tame waif named Brownie, from her plantation nearby Eastend, about 400 kilometres southeast of Saskatoon.

She has an preparation in charge work though pronounced a Meewasin Valley Authority plan was her initial opportunity to try invasive class extending in a field.

“They’re substantially some-more competent to be here than we am,” pronounced Michalsky.

“They’ve been out on leafy spurge extending projects before and this is my first.”

The short-eared owl, common nighthawk, Sprague’s pipit and a western meadowlark are among a class a sheep are assisting to protect.

Michalsky, her dogs and another workman will be given to a group on a swale until late September.

The Meewasin Valley Authority pronounced a sheep play an vicious purpose in addressing a vicious issue. It pronounced usually 20 per cent of internal level is left in Saskatchewan and there is a 70 per cent decrease in grassland birds.

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