Quarantined Runners Log Miles in Backyards and Living Rooms

And others are practicing the “coronavirus swerve,” giving people a wide berth on streets, sidewalks and trails.

Michael Wardian, 45, an elite ultramarathon runner who lives in Arlington, Va., said he no longer goes on group runs or meets with a personal trainer as part of his routine.

“It has completely changed,” he said.

His strenuous off-road runs have been transformed. “Even my secret hidden trials are overrun with people now, because everyone has found the outside,” Mr. Wardian said. “Places where I would go for solitude are not as conducive for that.”

Rob Tidwell, 49, of King George, Va., and his family have also reassessed the tracts of wilderness they once plied, giving up their forest and Shenandoah mountain routes and sticking instead to their neighborhood, which has become the more remote spot.

“People are flocking to the parks and trails are getting closed,” he said. “The last time we went out of our neighborhood to the park, it was packed with people.”

For Anna Carlsson, 34, a long distance runner, the opposite is true. Her favorite wilderness spots have been abandoned as visitors stopped traveling to her village of Abisko, Sweden, near the Arctic Circle.

Ms. Carlsson said she would normally not be putting in miles near Abisko at this time of year. But with marathons canceled, she saw no need to trek south for her usual spring training.

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/10/sports/backyard-marathon-coronavirus.html