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UEFA Nations League oneness and reward fees

  • March 23, 2018

Europe’s inhabitant teams are in general accessible action, though will shortly be casting an eye towards some-more rival assignments with a initial book of a UEFA Nations League, that kicks off in September.

The new inhabitant organisation foe is set to give some-more sporting definition to inhabitant organisation football.

Its launch follows feedback given to UEFA by inhabitant associations, coaches, players and supporters, who were increasingly of a opinion that accessible matches do not yield adequate foe for inhabitant teams.

As a result, supporters will have a event in destiny to see their teams play in some-more rival matches.

The UEFA Nations League will also yield an critical source of income to a associations – shown by a sum of oneness and reward fees that will be paid to a 55 teams holding part.

A sum of €76.25 million in oneness and reward fees is earmarked for a 55 inhabitant associations whose inhabitant teams will be environment out in a initial book of a UEFA Nations League, a foe that will raise a standing of a European inhabitant organisation game.

The oneness fees per organisation are scaled for any division:

  • League A: €1.5m
  • League B: €1m
  • League C: €750,000
  • League D: €500,000

In addition, a organisation winners of any joining can double this volume as they will be entitled to a following reward fees:

  • Winners of League A: €1.5m
  • Winners of League B: €1m
  • Winners of League C: €750,000
  • Winners of League D: €500,000

The 4 organisation winners of League A will play for a UEFA Nations League prize in Jun 2019. The following oneness fees for these 4 teams will be set aside:

  • Winner: €4.5m
  • Runner-up: €3.5m
  • 3rd placed: €2.5m
  • 4th placed: €1.5m

This means that a limit volume of oneness and reward fees for a organisation from League A would be €7.5m; €2m for a organisation from League B; €1.5m in League C; and €1m for a organisation from League D.

The full pull and tie list for a initial book of a UEFA Nations League can be found here.

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