Ronaldo shutting on general record

After scoring twice in combined time to sign a 2-1 win opposite Egypt in Zurich, Cristiano Ronaldo needs usually 3 some-more goals to compare Ferenc Puskás’s record as Europe’s all-time heading general marksmen.

The Real Madrid brazen changed above Japan’s Kunishige Kamamoto (80) to third place in a tellurian rankings, with usually Puskás (84) and Iran’s Ali Daei (109) carrying now outscored him for their countries. The 33-year-old would pierce turn with Puskás if he scores a hat-trick opposite a Netherlands tonight.

Ronaldo scores initial 'poker' for Portugal

Ronaldo scores initial ‘poker’ for Portugal

Europe’s all-time tip general goalscorers
Ferenc Puskás (Hungary Spain) – 84 goals in 89 appearances
Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) – 81 in 148
Sándor Kocsis (Hungary) – 75 in 68
Miroslav Klose (Germany) – 71 in 137
Gerd Müller (West Germany) – 68 in 62
Robbie Keane (Republic of Ireland) – 68 in 146
Zlatan Ibrahimović (Sweden) – 62 in 116
Imre Schlosser (Hungary) – 59 in 68
David Villa (Spain) – 59 in 98
Jan Koller (Czech Republic) – 55 in 91
Joachim Streich (East Germany) – 55 in 102
Wayne Rooney (England) – 53 in 119
Poul Nielsen (Denmark) – 52 in 38
Edin Džeko (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – 52 in 89
Jon Dahl Tomasson (Denmark) – 52 in 112
Thierry Henry (France) – 51 in 123
Robert Lewandowski (Poland) – 51 in 91
Hakan Sükür (Turkey) – 51 in 112
Lajos Tichy (Hungary) – 51 in 72
Robin outpost Persie (Netherlands) – 50 in 102

Ronaldo scored 4 opposite Andorra

Ronaldo scored 4 opposite Andorra©AFP/Getty Images

How Ronaldo’s general goals have come

  • Home or away?

Thirty-nine of Ronaldo’s strikes have come during home, 30 divided and 12 during final tournaments.

  • Win, remove or draw?

Ronaldo has scored in 56 games, with Portugal going on to win 47 of them. They have drawn 4 and mislaid five.

  • One, two; a one, two, three, four
Cristiano Ronaldo: My Portugal story

Cristiano Ronaldo: My Portugal story

Ronaldo has strike 4 hat-tricks, and one four-goal salvo. There have been 14 doubles, with a remaining 37 goals entrance in a singular file.

  • Favourite opponents

Five of Ronaldo’s hauls have come opposite any of Andorra, Armenia, Latvia and Sweden, with 4 every during Estonia, a Faroe Islands and a Netherlands’ expense. He has netted opposite 34 opposite sides in all though never opposite France, Spain, Germany, Italy or England.

Data scold as of 26 Mar 2018

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