Morales: World Cup can usually be certain for Uruguay

  • Uruguay hosting this year’s FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup
  • Deyna Morales expected to be one of La Celeste‘s star players
  • Midfielder likens herself to Alvaro Recoba and Toni Kroos

Deyna Morales was 9 when she began personification for her hometown bar San Jacinto. Though she was a usually lady in a youth team, it did not reason her back. Such was her talent, integrity and stability that a bar was changed to set adult a possess women’s team, a springboard for a expansion of a women’s diversion in a area.

The mould-breaking Morales is now 16 and is readying herself for a biggest plea of her brief footballing career: captaining a horde republic during a FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup Uruguay 2018.

“Football’s been a passion of cave ever given we can remember,” Morales told “I felt a bit broke to start with, like each lady we think, yet a boys speedy me. Now we see a lot of girls playing. we feel as if we helped make that occur and it creates me proud.”

The Deyna Morales fact file

  • Born on 19 Sep 2001
  • Predominantly right footed, she still plays for San Jacinto
  • She was 14 when she seemed during her initial U-17 Women’s South American championships, in Venezuela in 2016
  • Scored dual goals in a competition, both from a chastisement spot

Despite her pioneering achievements during San Jacinto, Deyna does not feel she is unique: “I consider each lady who plays a diversion has helped change Uruguayan women’s football.” 

The executive midfielder added: “It’s flourishing quick and a World Cup will move some-more support. People will be articulate about women’s football, that will beget seductiveness and get people examination a games. The impact can usually be positive.”

Asked about a outcome a contest can have in a segment as a whole, Morales said: “The fact that it’s being hold in such a large footballing republic as Uruguay is a source of proclivity in itself. It’s also a initial U-17 Women’s World Cup be hold in South America, that should also give all a programmes a boost.”

What are her attributes?

  • Her manager Ariel Longo: “She can understanding with any situation, as she showed during a South American Championships in 2016. She’s good with both her feet, she can switch a play, she plays with her conduct adult and she can be burning during times. She’s got a lot of character, that is because she’s a captain.”
  • Deyna on Deyna: “I’m a executive midfielder, utterly technical, and we can measure goals. If we need to get brazen to score, we give it all we have. I’m a bit like Alvaro Recoba, here in Uruguay, or Toni Kroos (laughs). In women’s football we admire Marta, Alex Morgan and Carli Lloyd.”

Does a vigour of being World Cup hosts shock her?
“No. I’m certain a fans will wish us to win, yet they’ll support us no matter how a formula go. Uruguayan people unequivocally get behind their inhabitant teams, and it’ll be a same with us.”

A wish?
“I’ve got two: winning a World Cup and creation a vital from football. That’s my usually idea right now. we know it’s not easy to go and do that in Uruguay, that is because I’m deliberation a choice of going abroad. Things will change here with a World Cup, though. We’ll only have to wait and see.”

Did we know?

  • As a horde nation, Uruguay validate automatically for a FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup 2018.
  • The Uruguayans will but take partial in a South American qualifiers for a competition, to be hold in Argentina on 7-24 March.
  • The contest will see dual teams validate for a universe finals in a age group. 
  • If La Celeste finish initial or second, a organisation holding third place will go to a World Cup.

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