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Get UEFA Nations League Finals tickets from 30 January

  • January 14, 2019

Tickets for a UEFA Nations League Finals will go on sale on 30 Jan 2019 during 14:00CET.


Match dates

Wednesday 5 Jun 2019: Portugal v Switzerland (Porto, 20:45CET)
Thursday 6 Jun 2019: Netherlands v England (Guimaraes, 20:45CET)

Match for third place
Sunday 9 Jun 2019: Guimaraes, 15:00CET

Who will make a final?

Who will make a final?©

Sunday 9 Jun 2019: Porto, 20:45CET

Local time is one hour behind CET

Ticket portal

Fans will be means to request for tickets by regulating their existent UEFA ticketing comment or by formulating a new account.


Fans will have until 12 Feb 2019 to request for tickets.

In a expected eventuality that a direct exceeds supply, tickets will be allocated by a satisfactory and pure ballot.

Ticket prices

The UEFA Nations League final four

The UEFA Nations League final four

For a semi-finals and a compare for third place, sheet prices operation from €25 for difficulty 3 to €120 for difficulty one. For a final, sheet prices operation from €40 for difficulty 3 to €150 for difficulty one. Accessibility tickets for infirm spectators are accessible opposite all 4 matches for a difficulty 3 price, with one messenger sheet supposing free.

Super Sunday tickets

The third-place compare and a final both take place on Sunday 9 Jun 2019. The UEFA Super Sunday sheet gives fans entrance to a final or a third-place compare depending on that diversion their comparison group play in. For example, if Team A make a final and a Team A fan selects a Super Sunday ticket, a fan will accept a sheet to a final. If Team A remove a semi-final, a fan will get a sheet to a third-place match.

Super Sunday sheet savings

Super Sunday tickets offer fans a event to save as they are labelled during a third-place play-off compare price, definition that if a fan selects a Super Sunday sheet and their group strech a final, they will secure a sheet to a final during a reduce cost than if they had usually selected a final compare ticket.

Group theatre noted moments

Group theatre noted moments

Fans can save adult to €30 by selecting a difficulty one Super Sunday ticket; a €120 Super Sunday sheet could give holders entrance to a final or a third-place match, since if they select to buy only a final ticket, they will compensate €150.

Super Sunday sheet prices are €120 for difficulty one, €65 for difficulty dual and €30 for difficulty three.

Ticket delivery

All tickets will be delivered to fans as mobile phone tickets closer to a tournament.

A frequently asked questions territory is accessible for fans here.

Ticketing terms and conditions

Tickets for a 2019 UEFA Nations League Finals are sole theme to despotic terms and conditions that demarcate any unapproved resale or send and nullify any tickets acquired or used in crack of a terms and conditions. All sheet holders are firm by these ticketing terms and conditions, and UEFA actively enforces these provisions. Online applications will be accurate with a applicable authorities to safeguard that anyone criminialized from attending football matches can't squeeze tickets. Sales of tickets to a open for a 2019 UEFA Nations League Finals will be conducted exclusively on

UEFA urges all football fans to refrain from purchasing tickets or liberality packages from unapproved sellers, agents or websites. Tickets performed in crack of UEFA’s terms and conditions will be invalid, and purchasers of such tickets might be refused acknowledgment to a stadium.


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