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England double adult by winning U17 World Cup

  • October 28, 2017

England became usually a second republic to win both vital tellurian girl contest in a same year as they kick Spain 5-2 in Kolkata to supplement to FIFA U-17 World Cup to their U-20 climax claimed in June.

Spain, who degraded England on penalties to win May’s UEFA European Under-17 Championship final in Croatia after equalising low in combined time, were 2-0 adult in India interjection to Sergio Gómez goals on 10 and 31 minutes. But Rhian Brewster, who scored hat-tricks in a entertain and semi-finals, pulled one behind usually before half-time and Morgan Gibbs White equalised before Phil Foden scored twice possibly side of a Marc Guehi effort.

Manchester City’s Foden won a Golden Ball as actor of a contest while Brwester of Liverpool finished as eight-goal tip scorer. He usually struck once in a organisation theatre though stepped adult after England’s afterwards tip scorer Jadon Sancho was removed by bar Borussia Dortmund, who this week gave him his comparison debut.

England 5-2 Spain: Key facts

  • England finished a double carrying won a FIFA U-20 World Cup in South Korea progressing this year (not to discuss July’s UEFA European Under-19 Championship in Georgia.
  • The usually other republic to win both competitions in a same year are Brazil in 2003, who kick Spain 1-0 in any of a finals (no group had reached both finals in a same year again until England in 2017).
  • England are a initial republic to win 3 vital (world or continental) general girl tournaments in a same year.
  • England had usually won one FIFA contest before this year, a 1966 World Cup.
  • The usually prior time a group had come behind from dual goals down to win a FIFA final in 90 mins during any turn was in a 1954 World Cup when West Germany degraded Hungary 3-2.
  • England are a initial group to measure 5 goals in any FIFA men’s girl World Cup final.
  • Europe has a fourth U17 universe champions after Switzerland (2009), France (2001) and a Soviet Union (1987).
  • For Spain it is their fourth final better during this turn carrying missed out during a final jump in 2007, 2003 and 1991.
  • The usually other FIFA girl contest for group or women ever to furnish an all-European final was a 1987 U-20 World Cup, when Yugoslavia degraded West Germany on penalties in Chile.

Highlights: Spain kick England for EURO title

Road to a final

Group stage: Chile 4-0, Mexixo 3-2, Iraq 4-0 (Group F winners)
Round of 16: Japan 0-0, 5-3pens
Quarter-finals: United States 4-1
Semi-finals: Brazil 3-1
Top scorer: Rhian Brewster (Liverpool) 8 – Golden Boot winer

Group stage: Brazil 1-2, Niger 4-0, North Korea 2-0 (Group D runners-up)
Round of 16: France 2-1
Quarter-finals: Iran 3-1
Semi-finals: Mali 3-1
Top scorer: Abel Ruiz (Barcelona) 6

Other European contenders
Germany: mislaid 2-1 to Brazil in quarter-finals
France: mislaid 2-1 to Spain in turn of 16
Turkey: finished fourth in Group B

FIFA U-17 World Cup finals (hosts)
2017: England 5-2 Spain (India)
2015: Nigeria 2-0 Mali (Chile)
2013: Nigeria 3-0 Mexico (UAE)
2011: Mexico 2-0 Uruguay (Mexico)
2009: Switzerland 1-0 Nigeria (Nigeria)
2007: Nigeria 0-0, 3-0pens Spain (South Korea)
2005: Mexico 3-0 Brazil (Peru)
2003: Brazil 1-0 Spain (Finland)
2001: France 3-0 Nigeria (Trinidad and Tobago)
1999: Brazil 0-0, 8-7pens Australia (New Zealand)
1997: Brazil 2-1 Ghana (Egypt)
1995: Ghana 3-2 Brazil (Ecuador)
1993: Nigeria 2-1 Ghana (Japan)
1991: Ghana 1-0 Spain (Italy)
1989: Saudi Arabia 2-2, 5-4pens Scotland (Scotland)
1987: Soviet Union 1-1, 4-2pens Nigeria (Canada)
1985: Nigeria 2-0 West Germany (China)

FIFA U-20 World Cup: European finalists
2017: England 1-0 Venezuela (South Korea)
2015: Serbia 2-1aet Brazil (New Zealand)
2013: France 0-0, 4-1pens Uruguay (Turkey)
2007: Argentina 2-1 Czech Republic (Canada)
2003: Brazil 1-0 Spain (UAE)
1999: Spain 4-0 Japan (Nigeria)
1991: Portugal 0-0, 4-2pens Brazil (Portugal)
1989: Portugal 3-0 Nigeria (Saudi Arabia)
1987: Yugoslavia 1-1, 5-4pens West Germany (Chile)
1985: Brazil 1-0aet Spain (Soviet Union)
1981: West Germany 4-0 Qatar (Australia)
1979: Argentina 3-1 Soviet Union (Japan)
1977: Soviet Union 2-2, 9-8pens Mexico (Tunisia)

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