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Tomi Lahren tears into US athletes for ‘wetting the bed’ during Tokyo ‘Woke-lympics’

  • July 27, 2021


Tomi Lahren tears into ‘woke’ US athletes for ‘wetting the bed’ during Tokyo Olympics

Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren took aim at Olympians protesting the American flag and kneeling before games during Monday’s episode of “Final Thoughts,” after Team USA faced a tough start in the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

“Go woke and go broke or in the case of the Summer Olympics, get woke and lose,” Lahren said in the opening of her show.

“Folks, I would never root against the United States of America in any capacity. I want our country to do well economically, regardless of the party in charge. I want our country to be safe, secure, and prosperous regardless of who is in the White House and I want our athletes to dominate on the world stage, regardless of how annoyingly woke and theatrical they want to be about their so-called causes,” she began

“But apparently, the popularized and glorified culture of ‘wokeism’ and victimhood may not be beneficial to the athletic prowess and performance of our USA athletes.”

The Fox Nation commentator pointed to the United States men’s basketball team’s devastating loss to France, among other U.S. disappointments during the early days of this year’s Olympic Games.


“Yes, we do have a ways to go…and hopefully things will get off their knees and turn around but as of now, our Team USA is off to its worst summer Olympic start in nearly 50 doggone years giving ‘America Last’ a whole new meaning,” she said.

Lahren blamed Team USA for what she called “wetting the bed” after failing to take the medal stand in any category on Saturday, which included archery, cycling, fencing, judo, air rifle pistol shooting, taekwondo, and weightlifting.

“That laundry list of losses comes after the USA did not win one single gold medal on day one of competition which hasn’t happened since 1972,” she said.

“‘Wokeism’ might be good for the Oppression Olympics but it doesn’t seem to transfer to the actual Olympics.”

Team USA consists of the “largest group of whiny social justice activists the Olympics has seen in decades,” Lahren went on.

“I am a political commentator, I do this for a living,” she told viewers. “Imagine if instead, I started dribbling a basketball or basket weaving during these Final Thoughts- you’d be like ‘what the heck?’ Same thing goes for these athletes, activate your social justice grandstanding in your own time. While you’re representing the USA- do that.”

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