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‘Halloween Kills’ star spills on being murdered by Michael Myers: ‘It was really beautiful’

  • October 16, 2021

Judy Greer finally gets to step up and take on a legendary cinema bad guy – only to meet the business end of his knife.

The horror sequel “Halloween Kills” (in theaters and streaming on Peacock) unleashes masked murderer Michael Myers again on Haddonfield while heroine Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) recuperates from a gnarly stab wound (see: end of 2018’s “Halloween”) at a local hospital. Her daughter, Karen (Greer), initially wants everybody to stay there and be protected, including Karen’s teen daughter Allyson (Andi Matichak), but she also joins the fray as townsfolk track Michael back to his childhood home.

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To save Allyson, Karen removes Michael’s iconic mask and takes it into the street, luring the villain out so her neighbors can kill him once and for all. But Michael silently fights back and takes out his attackers before murdering Karen. It leaves audiences with a cliffhanger, wondering where Laurie (who doesn’t know her daughter’s dead yet) and the survivors go from here.

long-running franchise anymore, though she’s not at all bitter. In an exit interview, the actress – who next stars in HBO’s upcoming “The White House Plumbers” with Justin Theroux and Woody Harrelson, and the NBC limseries “The Thing About Pam” with Renee Zellweger – talks about her “Halloween Kills” death scene and the deleted ending fans didn’t get to see.

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Question: What’s the coolest part about being in two “Halloween” films?

Judy Greer: It’s really fun to jump into a franchise that already has a huge following, I’m not going to lie. I would probably not say that if our first movie hadn’t been such a huge hit, but everyone loved the first one so much that it just made me really happy that people got to have it back after so long.

Q: Do you have more “Halloween” fans or “Ant-Man” fans?

Question: I do so much more in the “Halloween” movies, so my fans are more excited about me. And “Ant-Man,” they’re more excited about Ant-Man and I just happen to stand next to him sometimes.

Q: Did you come into the “Halloween” films as a fan yourself?

Greer: I saw the original (1978 film) when I was older and I was a fan, but I’m scared to death of horror movies. I don’t watch tons of them, because I have nightmares, I’m still afraid of the dark and I travel with a nightlight and am not ashamed to admit it.

Q: Even after starring in two of them?

Greer: I’m still like that. I’m even scared watching this movie, and I read the script and was in it!

Q: So you’ve officially been murdered by Michael Myers. What’s that like?

Greer: It was really beautiful. I’m really happy that if I’m going to die in the movie, he’s the one to kill me. At least it wasn’t like falling down the stairs or something. But I also appreciated that my death is not very gruesome. It’s more beautiful and cinematic and sort of operatic. So I thought that was a cool way to do it.

Q: It’s also a meaningful death because Laurie’s really going to be on the warpath now.

Greer: They shot something that they didn’t put in the movie at the end, which is Laurie stomping out of the hospital with a knife in her hand. I got to see it. It’s not the right ending for this story, but it was definitely cool.

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Q: I had to Google if you’ve ever died on screen before. But you did get shot in the head playing a werewolf in 2005’s “Cursed.”

Greer: Yeah, and I was killed in this (1997) independent horror movie called “Stricken,” like my second acting job ever, that I shot right after I graduated from college. I have memories of being thrown in a ditch, but I don’t remember exactly.

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