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Obama lauds Cameron for British assist opposite Islamic State

  • December 05, 2015

President Obama called British Prime Minister David Cameron on Friday to appreciate him for this week’s Parliament capitulation of atmosphere strikes opposite Islamic State positions in Syria.

Obama “welcomed a outcome of a opinion and voiced his appreciation that British atmosphere army have assimilated with ours and those of other Coalition members in distinguished ISIL (the Islamic State) in Syria as good as in Iraq,” a White House pronounced in a statement.

The leaders discussed other ways to conflict a Islamic State, and “reiterated that all countries are acquire to join a existent Coalition, if their domestic and troops objectives in Syria are unchanging with those of a Coalition,” a White House said.

The matter also pronounced that Obama and Cameron also discussed counter-terrorism in general, and that Obama, “on interest of a American people, supposed a Prime Minister’s condolences for a detriment of life in a San Bernardino shootings this week.”

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