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New Rubio book bashes Obama, Clinton

  • January 07, 2015

WASHINGTON — Sen. Marco Rubio’s latest book reads like a recipe for a presidential campaign.

It calls for a vast dollop of ways America can lapse to greatness, churned with a large portion of contempt for a “liberal” policies of President Obama — and intensity 2016 White House opposition Hillary Rodham Clinton — that Rubio says are bankrupting a country.

At 212 pages, American Dreams: Restoring Economic Opportunity for Everyone

“I wrote this book since we mount during a vicious juncture. What kind of nation are we going to be?” a Florida Republican and intensity presidential claimant writes. “Will we obey to Obamacare and other laws that vanquish creation and entrepreneurship? Will we accept a absolute nanny state and a erosion of family values. Will we concede politics to kill a American Dream?”

The book is being published by Sentinel subsequent week.

Rubio criticizes unnamed members of his possess celebration who he says cite an isolationist proceed to tellurian affairs. Some see that as a potential anxiety to Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who is mulling a run for boss in 2016 as well.

But he saves some of his harshest difference for Clinton, a former initial lady and former New York senator who’s widely approaching to find a Democratic assignment for a White House.

“Hillary Clinton has proven herself married to a policies and programs of a past,” Rubio writes. “The choosing of Hillary Clinton to a presidency, in short, would be zero some-more than a third Obama tenure (and) a genocide blow to a American Dream.”

Despite Rubio’s oppressive comment of a president’s mercantile policies, many economists contend pursuit expansion has recently rebounded underneath Obama, nonetheless salary have nonetheless to locate up. The boss and other Democrats have due lifting a smallest wage, though Rubio rejects that idea, observant it would cost jobs since of aloft labor prices.

Rubio, 43, a former orator of a Florida state House who won choosing to a Senate in 2010, has pronounced he skeleton to make a preference on 2016 shortly.

The book is Rubio’s second and follows his 2012 New York Times

Little of what he says in his latest work is new. Much of it eloquently rehashes progressing positions he’s summarized in speeches, interviews and op-ed columns.

Rubio uses several examples — an over-regulated tiny businessman, a struggling singular mom and an out-of work college connoisseur brimful with debt — to make a indicate that large supervision underneath Obama is destroying Americans’ possibility to succeed.

But his book also reads like a White House candidate’s process blueprint. He calls for reforming a taxation formula and desert programs, repealing a Affordable Care Act, and substantiating a some-more clever unfamiliar process formed in partial on a stronger inhabitant defense.

Rubio’s book also:

• Repeats his support for a proceed to yield undocumented immigrants a proceed to legally sojourn in a nation underneath certain conditions, a position that has hurt many GOP conservatives.

But Rubio keeps his stretch from a extensive immigration remodel check he co-sponsored in 2013 that overwhelmingly upheld a Senate. The book reiterates his publicity of a waste proceed to immigration reform, identical to that of House Republicans, that starts with coercion before other moves are considered.


“Because we trust a matrimony of one male and one lady is so critical to a clever society, we trust that it should reason a special standing in a laws,” Rubio writes.


“We have a critical erosion of family life in America,” Rubio writes. “Millions of children are flourishing adult in inconstant homes in that they are not taught a values required for personal and mercantile success.”


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