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Clinton: I’d rather be boss than Beyonce since we can’t sing

  • December 17, 2015

It wasn’t your normal debate route doubt that Hillary Clinton faced in Iowa City

Would we rather be boss or Beyonce?

The Democratic claimant for boss suspicion for a notation before answering.

“Well if we unequivocally had a choice I’d rather be boss since we can’t sing,” she said, before going on to speak about how most she admires Beyonce, a Grammy-winning luminary who has achieved during a White House for President Obama.

The doubt was a final one of a day during a city gymnasium where a former secretary of State addressed a Islamic State, amicable confidence and lifting taxes on a wealthy.

Clinton positive a throng that they did not wish to hear her sing, though pronounced Beyonce’s work ethic is something she draws impulse from.

“I wish to be as good a boss as Beyonce is a performer,” she said.

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