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Test your believe by holding the torpedo whales quiz

  • August 19, 2019

Killer whales were once deliberate dangerous animals that indispensable to be shot and harpooned by whalers and fisherman. Today, these peak predators pleasure boatloads of whale watchers who wish to constraint them on camera and have turn a pitch of a changing attribute with a environment.

But is a new adore for them too little, too late? A new CBC podcast, Killers: J pod on a brink, hosted by Gloria Macarenko, examines a operation of threats confronting these orcas whose home is B.C. 

So take a quiz, and exam your believe about torpedo whales in B.C.

Need to review adult first? Here’s all of a digital content.

For some-more information on a southern proprietor torpedo whales listen to a CBC British Columbia strange podcast Killers: J pod on a Brink hosted by Gloria Macarenko. It’s giveaway during CBC Podcasts.

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