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Pilot Traces Outlines Of Gigantic Penises In Sky Above Florida

  • March 13, 2015

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s … kids, cover your eyes.

An apparently wearied commander livened adult a skies of executive Florida on Thursday, regulating a private aircraft to snippet a outline of not one, though dual vast penises in a airspace between Orlando and Tampa. The cockpit antics were not manifest to infrequent observers on a ground, as no skywriting occurred, though someone during FlightRadar24decided to warning a Internet


Judging by a Google Map information on FlightRadar24close to a limited airspace above Walt Disney World

Experts during confirmed a maritime hijinks were real

Surprisingly, this isn’t a many high-flying penis we’ve seen. Last year, sophomoric space observers beheld NASA’s Mars corsair Curiosity had (unintentionally) scrawled out a phallus

In some-more human news, a San Francisco jogger gained Internet celebrity final Aug for her Earth-bound outlines

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