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Jameis Winston Is Even Better Than We Thought

  • November 24, 2015

Jameis Winston’s NFL entrance for a Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Sep admittedly went reduction than swimmingly.

Against Tennessee in Week 1, a polarizing No. 1 altogether collect was hit, smashed and confused. Despite tossing dual touchdowns, Winston amassed a sad quarterback rating: underneath seven. He threw dual interceptions — his initial pass was a pick-six — and finished a unlucky 48.5 percent of his passes.

Making matters worse was a fact that a Titans’ Marcus Mariota, comparison second behind Winston in a draft, was officious sensational, restraining a NFL rookie entrance record with 4 touchdown passes in a initial half

But Winston, as he tends to do, stayed above H2O even underneath a many apocalyptic of circumstances. “I trust we’re going to rebound back,” he said

To be sure, a rookie was loyal to his word. Despite a temporary descent line with dual new additions, both of whom are rookies, Winston has mostly been means to equivocate a rush and stay divided from a typically gross errors we see from immature vigilance callers.

With usually dual interceptions given Week 4 to go along with 19 sum touchdowns (15 passing), Winston is among a best in pro football. And only as was a box during his Florida State days, Winston isn’t merely dinking and ducking his approach down a field, throwing short, non-risky passes. His 7.66 yards per pass try arrange him ninth in a league. And, on a highway in Philadelphia on Sunday, a 21-year-old tied a league’s all-time rookie record with 5 touchdown passes.

One of a crucial questions about Winston

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