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Florida Man In Darth Vader Mask Robs Convenience Store: Police

  • November 24, 2015

Looks like a force came down on Darth Vader.

The military force, that is.

Jacksonville sheriff’s deputies  sack a preference store wearing a Darth Vader mask

The suspect, after identified as Jacob Jeremy Mercer, was carrying a china handgun, not a light saber, according to 

Police pronounced when 32-year-old Mercer showed a pistol and demanded income from a clerk, a worker responded by chucking a jar of blue cheese sauce during a suspect.

The jar of sauce strike Mercer on a face

A male inside a store who asked to be identified usually as “Ricardo” witnessed a rumpus and certified being a small fearful by it.

“We looked during any other for a integrate of seconds it was a small scary,” Ricardo told

Ricardo pronounced Mercer’s face was draining from a jar

“He ran to his automobile sped off pushing fast by a stop pointer and took a right onto initial Street, we mislaid him from there,” he told a station.

Police found Mercer’s automobile — a china automobile with New York plates, not a Death Star — a brief time later. Officers afterwards went to a place where Mercer was staying and asked him to come outside. His nose was still bleeding, according to

Mercer, of Tonawanda, New York, was arrested for armed spoliation after a declare identified him as a robber.

Police pronounced they found several handguns and ammunition in Mercer’s backpack.

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