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Florida Man Tells Everyone They Will Die During Naked Rampage: Cops

  • March 06, 2015
Daniel Leneve
Daniel Leneve

A Florida male is in control after allegedly holding LSD and going on a exposed rampage.

Jupiter proprietor Daniel Leneve, 18, was arrested Feb. 28th after he and his 17-year-old partner allegedly took 3 tabs of acid. He faces charges including battery, vandalism, facing arrest, and child abuse following a debauch of assault during a immature woman’s home.

The mom of a lady called authorities after Leneve nude naked, trashed her house, and assaulted her daughter, according to a military news performed by a Huffington Post.

The integrate had been dating for 6 months when Leneve ran by a girl’s home naked, outstanding eyeglasses and mirrors and transfer H2O bottles all over a floor, “screaming out that everybody was going to die,” military said.

The think grabbed his partner by her sweatshirt and began boring her by a hallway, a girl’s mom told police. He allegedly continued to pull and squeeze during a teen vigourously until military uncover up.

When deputies with a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office arrived, Leneve allegedly charged during them, though as officers systematic a think to stop, he finished adult “falling to a belligerent backwards” on his own.

As authorities went to slap him, a think began overhanging his arms, cheering that officers “get a fuck off” him, according to a military report.

While on a ground, Leneve “squirmed, thrashed his body, and scraped his face intentionally into a pavement,” all while repeating that “everyone was going to die” and screaming out for both his partner and God, military said.

After deputies helped a think behind to his feet, his partner came over and “began indicating her finger during Daniel nearby his face.” That’s when military pronounced Daniel forcibly bit down on a girl’s finger, causing a break that compulsory sanatorium treatment.

At that point, EMS motionless to composed a suspect, according to a report.

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