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What’s The Deal With Bulletproof Coffee?

  • January 11, 2015

Whether you’ve listened of it, review about it or maybe even attempted it, Bulletproof coffeeadding butter to coffee

Dave AspreyBulletproof Coffeehigh volume of jam-packed fat

We wanted to get a inside dip from a readers

“Using grass-fed butter is a biggest order to follow … If we use peculiarity mixture and mix it up, it’s arrange of like a latte!”


“It tastes greasy and leaves a slippery aftertaste in a mouth. The oil only floats and kills a coffee aroma.”

“I supplement turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, cacao butter and cacao powder.”


“This is for low-carb diets. It will be a health problem if we devour high fat with high carbs. Do your investigate before doing this.”

“My grandma used to do this to tea or coffee 40+ years ago. Only it was REAL butter, cream style.”


“Use a blender on high speed for about 10 seconds. It will be well-spoken and frothy, no oil slick.”

“Still cite my coffee black and from a French press or a flow over.”

french press coffee

“Love it! Helps me with few fasting. Not inspired until lunch. Clear head.”

“Sometimes my stomach is a bit diseased in a mornings, so when it is, we adult a coconut oil and reduce a butter ratio.”

coconut oil

Tell us in a comments: Have we attempted Bulletproof coffee?

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