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The ‘Exorcism’ Ali MacGraw Underwent On Her 65th Birthday (VIDEO)

  • January 30, 2015

Ali MacGraw has aged gracefully in her 75 years, embracing her naturally gray hairdismissing a shoal side of fame

That day, MacGraw had been visiting a friend’s home in Mexico, and she motionless it was time to confront her concerns about aging head-on. “I was frightened about all a things that we’re taught we should start removing frightened about,” she tells Oprah in a above video from “Super Soul Sunday.”

Armed with a biography and colored pens, MacGraw sealed herself in a room and wrote down all she was disturbed about function (or not happening) as she aged.

“I [wrote] things like, ‘Am we ever going to have sex again?’ in red. Or, ‘Do we have to do something about a third chin?’ in a appalling electric green,” MacGraw recalls in a above video. “So, we couldn’t censor behind a kind of truths we speak about with your best girlfriend.”

For hours, MacGraw let her fears — and her emotions — flow.

“I wrote and we cried and we wrote,” she says. “And then, we got so

That’s when a change occurred. “Then we went, ‘OK, that’s it,'” MacGraw says. “I felt like, ‘I’ve got that one down. Now let’s go on and live

“So it was an exorcism of sorts,” Oprah says.

“It was a sum exorcism,” MacGraw agrees.

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