Sea Lion Startles Sailor With Snoring, Sneezing


SAN DIEGO (AP) — A startling stowaway dismayed a masculine out on his vessel in San Diego: A sea lion puppy who motionless to pile-up in a bunk, waking a owners with his snoring.

Michael Duffy, 48, pronounced he was on his 41-foot Kettenburg vessel “Elixir” during a San Diego Yacht Club when he awoke during 2:30 a.m. Sunday to sneezing and snoring.

He suspicion it competence be a friend, crashing from a night out, though couldn’t find anyone. Once it got light a few hours later, however, he listened it again.

That’s when Duffy saw a 35-pound sea lion puppy on another bunk, twisted adult like a dog on tip of his house shorts.

“It was a small small guy, and we was kind of shocked, though he was fundamentally asleep,” Duffy said, guessing it was a male. “Then he listened me coming, so he kind of looked adult a small bit like when a dog is sleeping and we wish to arise it adult and it doesn’t wish to arise up.”

Duffy pronounced a puppy was substantially looking for his mom though found him instead.

Duffy grabbed his cellphone and took a print of a pup, who had already jumped down onto a cabin floor.

“You gotta go buddy, go…go, go, go,” Duffy said, as he filmed, gently coaxing a baby sea lion behind adult a stairs, off a vessel and into a water.

Duffy has been sailing given he was 6 years aged and has grown adult around a sea environment; he’d listened of sea lions removing onto boats, though going down below?

“Totally bizarre,” he said, adding: “Sea lions they can be cute, though they can be dangerous. You’ve got to be clever it’s a furious animal.”

If a sea lion had been an adult, he would have stayed away. But, he pronounced this puppy was really good behaved and left no mess, not even seawater on his shorts.

“He was intensely good behaved, solely for his shrill snoring and sneezing,” Duffy said. “He was looking during me, and we was like ‘you gotta go.'”

He pronounced a puppy had an orange tab on a flipper and he believed it might have been once discovered after soaking onto a shore, before being set giveaway again. The baby sea lion seemed to be healthy and swam fine, and it was clearly no foreigner to humans.

Duffy, an promotion copywriter, pronounced he nicknamed a puppy “Gilligan” after a impression on “Gilligan’s Island” who The Skipper called his small buddy.

“It was a really personal thing, and he was a really lovable guy,” Duffy said. “But we was a small romantic about it. For that 2 ½ mins he was my small buddy.”

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