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Los Angeles Church Hosts ‘Multi-Sensory’ Stations Of The Cross Using Yoga

  • March 28, 2015

Anne Kelley, a Seattle-based attorney, was looking for a approach to rivet with a stations of a cranky on a deeper turn when she stumbled on a thought of incorporating yoga into a practice.

Traditionally observed

“My impulse was that if we used a whole body, heart and essence to concentration on a Stations, we could improved enter into [Jesus’] pang and open ourselves to [a] deeper attribute with God,” Kelley pronounced in an email to The Huffington Post.

Kelley recruited a assistance of yoga instructor Cynthia Simon and artist Eric Armusik to pierce her project, called “Body in Prayer,” to fruition. Simon helped brand a positions and movements that would best constraint a suggestion of a stations, while Armusik artistically represented them in a array of 14 paintings that now hang in Kelley’s internal Seattle parish.

The Body in Prayer array is meant to assistance people discuss on Jesus, pronounced Kelley, and is not meant “to pier any of a settled devout outputs of yoga in a otherworldly or Hindu sense.” Because yoga is now so popular, pronounced Kelley, she hopes a array will yield a tangible and “great shorthand approach of removing people to pierce their bodies into positions that [are] comparatively safe, in a repeatable, arguable way.”

On Saturday, Holy Family Church in Los Angeles will host

“It is [Anne’s] goal to pull people behind into a thoughtfulness and imagining on what Jesus did for us when he suffered and died,” Frank Ponnet, executive of adult preparation during Holy Family Church, told HuffPost. “It has been a pleasing imagining to start Holy Week.”

Scroll by to see Eric Armusik’s artistic depictions of a stations of a cross, desirous by a yoga movements of Body in Prayer:Jesus is cursed to death

Jesus takes adult his cross

Jesus falls for a initial time

Jesus meets his mother, Mary

Simon helps Jesus lift his cross

Veronica wipes a face of Jesus

Jesus falls for a second time

Jesus meets a women of Jerusalem

Jesus falls for a third time

Jesus is nude of his garments

Jesus is nailed to a cross

Jesus is crucified

Jesus is taken down from a cross

Jesus is laid in a tomb

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