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Jennifer Aniston: ‘Almost Just As Good To Be No. 1 Snubbed Than To Be Nominated’

  • January 17, 2015


Seated on a cot in a hotel apartment during a Four Seasons, staid nearby a object and in a trail of a comfortable California breeze, it’s transparent that Aniston is a pro. She has tirelessly promoted “Cake” ever given it premiered during a Toronto International Film FestivalAniston’s opening was overlookedCritics’ Choice Movie Awards look

jennifer aniston

It’s this kind of opinion that has carried Aniston by a career that spans some-more than 20 years (she starred in 238 episodes of “Friends” over a 10-year duration and has also been in scarcely 40 films). And nonetheless “Cake” is not her initial spin during drama. She perceived both regard and indebtedness for 2002’s “The Good Girl” and has attempted critical tones, successfully, in films like “The Break-Up” and “Derailed.”


Referring to a support organisation she gets kicked out of for being so negative, a fistfuls of medication painkillers she washes down with alcohol, a weight she gained, a large scars along her face and a ongoing earthy pain her impression endures any day, Aniston views Claire Bennett with good empathy.

“She’s dim given she’s stuck. She’s vexed and she’s in impassioned pain, physically and emotionally,” she said.

The impression she plays suffers a consequences of an unexplained collision that renders her many incompetent to do anything for herself. (Her housekeeper, played by Adriana Barraza, is her closest ally.) But a biggest pain of a film is a detriment of someone really tighten to her, that has left Claire inept in mourning.

“She feels that if she gets unstuck and heals herself, gets off a drugs and a booze, goes to her earthy therapy and gets better, she feels she will forget [that person]. She will forget her loss,” Aniston said.


And nonetheless it wasn’t a dark of a purpose that disturbed Aniston a most. Or a miss of makeup. Or a weight gain. It was a drugs.

Being certain that a film accurately portrayed obsession was a biggest challenge, Aniston stated. “I sent it to a psychopharmacologist, a therapist and also someone who helps reanimate people with ongoing pain,” she said.

“I wanted to know what a effects of narcotics churned with drink are when you’re in pain. Are we removing high? Is it narcotic you? The opiates make we feel some euphoria, though what about when a drugs are alleviation in your body? There is a physicality that comes along with that.”


When asked if there is something sold about where she finds herself in her personal life or her career that done her wish to do a film, she responded simply and though hesitation: “I have a turn of palliate right now in my life. we have an unimaginable partner who supports me and loves me and creates me feel like there’s zero we can't do,” she said, referring to fiancé Justin Theroux.

“There is something about carrying a partner who supports we that kind of allows we to have a genuine ‘fuck-it’ attitude. we gotta usually go for everything, means if we tumble down on my face, we got my friend right here to dirt me off and contend let’s keep going.”

jennifer aniston

But a keeping-on is fatiguing for stars in her position, quite women. While copiousness of publications, including a New York TimesJennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie Avoid Red Carpet Run-In

Just Thursday night in L.A., a dual stars common a red runner during a Critics’ Choice Movie Awards and apparently it was a first time this has happened given 2009

“That things is removing better. She done such a pleasing movie,” Aniston pronounced of a media coverage that mostly pits a dual women opposite any other. “But they’re not focusing on why

jennifer aniston

When asked how she stays lucid in a attention where she is constantly being critiqued, one day on a “too thin” list and a subsequent on a “she’s let herself go” round-up, Aniston considers it carefully.

“You don’t listen to it. Sometimes you’ll come opposite something by accident. But we have a core organisation of friends and family and everybody knows a law and we know a truth,” she explained, referring to a storm of rumors in a media.

“So if we know a truth, though someone else is perplexing to tell we that you’re 6’9,” you’re like — I’m not, I’m indeed usually only 5’5”. And they contend no you’re a 6’9” Asian woman. And we contend no! I’m indeed not. What if someone pronounced that to you? You’d laugh.”

The initial to enrich someone else’s performance, she done certain to note Oscar hopeful Julianne Moore’s debate a night before

“People wish to see tellurian stories. We watch them given we have consolation and we learn and we have care for people,” Aniston said. “‘Still Alice’ is so beautiful. Julianne is extraordinary. It brought me to my knees.”

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