Gina Rodriguez: Hollywood Beauty Standards Are ‘Definitely Not Mine’

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As Gina Rodriguez reaches new heights of stardom interjection to her Golden Globe-winning opening on a CW’s “Jane The Virgin,” she recently told Glamour she is definitely feeling a vigour of beauty standards

The singer has graced a handful of covers and sat in on several photoshoots given she began her purpose as Jane, though Rodriguez says notwithstanding a vigour of a attention she tries to keep things in perspective.

“I am not superhuman,” Rodriguez told a magazine.

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The singer also pronounced that her mom has been her biggest purpose model, generally when it came to embracing her healthy beauty.

“My mom is a post of knowledge and advice,” Rodriguez said.

During a talk for the magazine’s Apr issue

In a recent talk with The Huffington Post

“I remember when we review this script, we could hear a luminosity of this woman,” Rodriguez said,

“Her clarity on Jane wasn’t lopsided by a misconceptions we have from multitude on Latino culture, Latinos in America,” the singer continued.

Her description of a 23-year-old profound pure resulted in a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV Series, Musical, or Comedy progressing this year. Rodriguez was usually a second Latina to accept a respect in a category, 8 years after America Ferrera took home a esteem for her purpose in “Ugly Betty.”

The “Jane The Virgin” star removed a initial things that crossed her mind after conference her name called during a Golden Globe rite in January.

“White noise,” Rodriguez told Glamour.

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