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Artist Documents The Inside Of A Women’s Jail Through Raw And Disturbing Comic Series

  • January 12, 2015

In Jun 2014, comic artist Elana Pritchard

Inspired by her mentor, animator-director Ralph Bakshi, Pritchard resolved to put that pencil to good use, documenting her stay in a women’s jail in all a dim fact by a array of comics. Pritchard’s images are disturbing, to contend a least, charity an uncensored perspective of a universe that routinely stays cloaked in mystery. She chronicles dirty cells strewn with toilet paper and moldy bread and masculine prisoners pressuring her to display her breasts. A quite grave comic depicts an boring ensure denying Pritchard a immersion after 4 days unbathed, claiming many prisoners go a week before showering.


First published in LA Weekly 2015

Pritchard’s works were published in LA Weekly

“The dreaded squat-and-cough: You have to do it any time we enter a jail. In a room with about 40 other people, we frame naked, lift adult your breasts, open your vagina, hunker down and cough on command. If zero falls out, we get adult and put on your jail uniform as quick as we can. After a ordeal, they give any chairman an orange extract and a microwaved burrito. It’s a closest thing we get to care in jail.”


First published in LA Weekly 2015

After Pritchard published her images, she was impressed by a certain greeting to her work, receiving responses and support from strangers all around a universe in courtesy to a inhumane practices of a facility. “I have been in communication with a LA County Sheriff’s department,” Pritchard wrote to The Huffington Post in an email, “and they have told me that due to these comics they have released a new process that all inmates contingency be given showers within 24 hours of entering a jail. We are scheduled to accommodate subsequent week to plead serve improvements.”

“And via all of this it seems a original, common summary of these comics is sticking: that we were people. Even yet we had a barcode on a wrist with a series and were called ‘bodies’ by a staff, we were still people.”


First published in LA Weekly 2015didwere people

Read about Pritchard’s time in jail in larger fact over during LA Weekly

Elana Pritchard is a cartoonist and animator in Los Angeles. She is now doing a Kickstarter to finish an charcterised cartoon Follow her on Twitter

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