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‘Surfer Angel’ Guido Schaffer Considered For Sainthood

  • March 02, 2015

The universe could one day get a enthusiast saint of surfing now that a Vatican is considering a Brazilian male famous as a “Surfer Angel”

Guido Schäffer, a doctor, took to a waves to bond to God; he helped others do a same.

“Surfing for him was a totally celestial experience

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It was during Martin’s bachelor celebration in 2009 that Schäffer, who was 34, drowned while surfing

Since then, people in a area have come to follow him, urge to him and move him gifts. Some even explain that he has saved gossamer pregnancies or helped women to turn pregnant.

In November, a Holy See issued a “nihil obstat,”gave accede to Rio priests

John Lyons, who wrote an essay about Schäffer for a Wall Street Journal, told HuffPost Live that many people in Rio believe it’s an act of God

The canonization routine can take decades. The initial step is to be proclaimed a “servant of God”

While a preference to concede Rio priests to contention justification is an “enormous step” in apropos a saint, Lyons told HuffPost Live, it doesn’t pledge sainthood.

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