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Woman Tattoos Her Own Face To Cover Scars, Starts Business To Help Other Burn Victims

  • January 22, 2015

This lady rose above a hurdles of her possess knowledge to assistance others in identical situations.

Basma Hameed

Left: Hameed, before carrying tattooed herself Right: The tattoo specialist, after carrying tattooed herself

I saw a outcome immediately

Hameed perceived training and cosmetically tattooed her possess face, closely relating her strange pigments. Today, Hameed, who has clinicsSamira Omar

“When she told me she could indeed get my pigments behind and find a skin tone that could compare my tangible skin color, it’s only a large whine of relief

It’s accurately a tension Hameed set out to enthuse in her clients.

“When we initial accommodate my clients they can be so bashful and uncertain about their particular skin conditions, though once we do few treatments they are like code new people,” she told “They smile, they laugh, and many importantly they feel like they can live again.

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