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Martese Johnson Did Not Have A Fake ID, Attorney Says

  • March 19, 2015

The bloody detain of University of Virginia tyro Martese Johnson all started when an worker for a internal bar approached him on a sidewalk, Johnson’s attorney, Daniel Watkins, pronounced in a press discussion Thursday.

Watkins pronounced his customer was never in possession of a feign ID and was simply station on a path when a bar worker walked adult to him. The student’s successive arrest, that UVA officials have described as “brutal” and “highly unusual,”to sequence a state investigation

Johnson was station nearby a Trinity Irish Pub around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday, Watkins said, when “an worker of a investiture approached him and asked for his license.”

The worker quizzed Johnson about his zip code, and Johnson supposing his mother’s stream zip code, Watkins said. The series is opposite from a one listed on his stream Illinois license. Watkins pronounced that during that point, Virginia ABC agents questioned Johnson about being in possession of feign identification.

Johnson is creatively from Chicago, where his mom still lives. He was never in possession of a feign ID, Watkins said.

The Virginia ABC agents afterwards forced Johnson to a ground, where they handcuffed him while “his face and skull [were] draining and wanting surgery, all of this over dual purported offenses,” Watkins said.

Virginia ABC declined to criticism serve about a occurrence to The Huffington Post on Thursday. Trinity Irish Pub told HuffPost it had no comment. Watkins declined to take questions Thursday.

“I’m repelled that my face was slammed into a section cement only opposite a travel from where we go to school,” Johnson pronounced in a statement, review by Watkins. As Johnson was on a ground, he added, “One suspicion raced by my mind: How could this happen? we still trust in the community. we know this village will support me during this time.”

UVA students marched on campus

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