Hundreds Pack Funeral For White Sox Great Minnie Minoso

CHICAGO (AP) — Friends and family paid reverence Saturday to White Sox good Minnie Minoso during a wake in Chicago, recalling a strength that enabled baseball’s initial black Latino star to grin by a harm of secular taunts as good as his genuine adore for his fans.

In a summary review out to a crowd, associate Cuban and White Sox star Alexei Ramirez, who was divided for a game, pronounced Minoso’s bravery paved a approach for him and a younger era of Latino ballplayers.

“Without Minnie, though his bravery to leave Cuba for a vital leagues, though his eagerness to accept taunts and slights, nothing of us would be vital leaguers,” he said. “… As we take a margin today, a Cuban proudly wearing a White Sox jersey, we will do so meditative of Minnie. Thank you, my friend.”

Minoso died Mar 1. He was believed to be 90.

Known as a “Cuban Comet,” Minoso was partial of a call of black players who integrated a sport. In segregated America, he mostly couldn’t stay in a same hotels or eat in a same restaurants as white teammates. And he had to put adult with taunts like a time an hostile group expelled a black cat in front of him and called it Minnie.

“When he initial arrived on a South Side in 1951 all a naysayers pronounced he had dual strikes opposite him: He was black and he was Latino,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel told a crowd. “… He stepped adult to a image in his initial game, in his initial time during bat … and he went forward and strike a two-run homer.”

Minoso also took caring to acknowledge fans, never refusing an autograph.

“He not usually sealed a autographs, though he was really clever so that people could review his name. He was unapproachable of a name,” pronounced former White Sox pitcher Billy Pierce.

Fighting behind tears, Charlie Rice-Minoso, 26, removed his father’s reduction widely famous side: his adore of dominoes, cooking adequate food for an army, examination black and white cowboy cinema until emergence and his extensive superstitions.

If a Sox were on a winning streak, Minoso would insist on adhering to a same routines, right down to wearing a accurate same garments day after day, assured that if he altered anything a group would lose, his son said.

And then, he said, there was that smile.

“He was a many inexhaustible male with a many spreading grin that lighted a sequence greeting of certain appetite and fun that done we feel so special,” Rice-Minoso said.

As a use concluded, an audio recording of Minoso’s voice was played into a microphone. His thoughts were with his fans.

“Since we came over here in 1951, we gave me your love, your respect. … My family and myself again appreciate you,” he said. “I adore we and God magnify you”

A girl choir sang “Take Me Out to a Ball Game,” as cover bearers carried Minoso’s box out of a church, before a way that would breeze past U.S. Cellular Field and aged Comiskey Park’s home plate.

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