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America’s Most Hated And Loved Parking Tradition Happens Each Winter In Chicago

  • January 15, 2015

We think many suburbanites and carless city-dwellers live in blithe stupidity of Chicago residents’ anniversary parking struggles.

You see, many Chicagoans count on travel parking in neighborhoods where drive and garage space is limited. And any winter, as a city is sanctified with scarcely 40 inches


Therein lies a debate of “parking dibsa fun yearly tradition

chicago dibs

In his ardent invulnerability of dibs, columnist Mark Konkol argued

On a finish other side of a blockade is a man who posted a Craigslist ad hawking dibs chairs

For a part, city supervision officials have been sincerely neutral on dibs — even voicing supportdoesn’t drag on

So, are parking dibs scrupulous or inconsiderate? The people of Boston seem to have assimilated a latter stay — dibs were recently banned

Meanwhile in a Windy City, curbside debates spasmodic spin nauseous with vandalismpassive-aggressive notes

Best of luck, Chicago. You’ve still got a long, cold, substantially snowy winter forward of you.

Take a demeanour during some some-more dibs below:

Fair enough. #chicagodibs #dibs #chicago #pilsen

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tiny automobile dibs



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