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5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Seattle Seahawks

  • January 29, 2015

You competence know that a Seattle Seahawks are going to destroy a New England Patriots this Sunday, though notwithstanding your fandom for a blue and green, there’s substantially some trivia you’d like to brush adult on about your favorite team.

Especially if you’re one of a doctrinaire Twelves, you’ve got to learn these 5 things about a Seahawks before they take on a Patriots during Super Bowl XLIX.

Grab some Skittles and keep reading.

1. The trademark was formed off a genuine mutation facade done by a informal Kwakwaka’wakw tribe.

seahawks mask

The designers for a Seattle Seahawks trademark were desirous by local Northwest Coast art, privately settling on a Kwakwaka’wakw transformation maskRobin K. WrightrediscoveredHudson Museum

The mask’s similarities to a Seattle Seahawks trademark went neglected while during a Hudson Museum given it was always featured in an open position, arrangement a tellurian face inside rather than a “thunderbird.”

Now a facade has been temporarily changed to a Burke Museum in Washington where it is now on arrangement until July, 2015. Ex-Seahawks star quarterback Jim Zorn was there for a opening celebration. The Huffington Post reached out to Wright about a facade who explained:

It was used as a mutation mask. It’s a form of facade that’s used by a Kwakwaka’wakw people in their winter rite that’s called a Tlasula. It’s a rite where a hereditary privileges of a horde family are brought out and displayed in a large residence in a firelight and a dancer dances a facade around a fire.

To have your family go by this rite was a “very prestigious privilege.”

The Burke Museum in Washington and Hudson Museum in Maine have a accessible Super Bowl gamble over their dual home teams. If a Patriots win than a Hudson is removing Seattle crabs and if a Seahawks win Maine lobsters are entrance to Washington. “We like to contend that a Seahawks haven’t mislaid given a facade came to Seattle,” pronounced Wright.

Images supposing by a Burke Museum. Image tip right was supposing to them by a Hudson Museum and picture bottom right is creatively from a book Art of a Northwest Coast Indians.

2. A Washington proprietor named Hazel Cooke is credited with fixing a group after winning a contest.


Before mentioning anything else, it should substantially be pronounced that a football group isn’t a initial “Seattle Seahawks” to exist in a city. From 1933 to 1941 a hockey group called a Seattle Seahawks

Jump a few decades after and a NFL awards an enlargement group to Seattle. At this time, a new classification reason a competition to name a group and as a Seattle Post-Intelligencer

From those 151 names, a now-called Seattle Seahawks classification drew a name incidentally to establish who strictly named a team. A lady named Hazel Cooke won and pronounced during a time, “I submitted Seahawks given it’s alliterative with Seattle. And a hawk is proud, bold, fierce. we wish a group will be such.” Cooke won dual 1976 deteriorate tickets

The others who submitted “Seattle Seahawks” also perceived some prizes. One leader was Deane Brazas who wrote to a Seattle Post-Intelligencer

In further to a framed certificate sealed by a owners, we perceived a personalized book about a story of a team, finish with photos and bios of all a strange players and owners. In addition, we perceived dual tickets to a preseason diversion each year until Paul Allen bought a team.

3. The “Legion of Boom” all started with an harmless criticism about dieting by Kam Chancellor.


The start of this word is deliberate a bit of a mystery, though here’s what seems to be a many expected backstory.

Kam Chancellor was guesting on “The Bob and Groz Show”August, 2012

This discuss of gripping adult “that boom” took off as around that time a uncover was looking for suggestions of what to call a Seahawks backfield. Later in October, 2013 Chancellor was behind on “The Bob and Groz Show”

It started on your show, yeah we remember observant ‘the boom’, a whole bang idea, and afterwards it went to Twitter, and a 12th Man came adult with “Legion of Boom,” and we know we only ran with it there. But it really started on your show, with me observant ‘boom.’

The initial flourishing twitter from that initial Aug 2012 was done by @realjoedurfee

4. The initial ever actor to be drafted by a Seahawks was roughly one of their biggest of all time, though afterwards got an damage after one season.


Defensive tackle Steve Niehaus was a initial chairman selected by a Seattle Seahawks and a second altogether in a 1976 draft. Occasionally he is thrown into a list of terrible breeze choices, though this isn’t utterly what happened.

In this initial year with a Seahawks, Niehaus notched 9.5 sacksNFC Defensive Rookie of a Year

Unfortunately, Niehaus’ arm only wouldn’t reason up. As Seattle Times

Image Right: Seahawks Official Website

5. Seahawks fans have combined mixed earthquakes.


The Marshawn Lynch 67-yard touchdown “Beast Quake” run in 2011 was beheld by John Vidale, executive of a Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, who on a humour detected that a seismic monitoring hire about 100 yards1 and 3

This strange Seahawk fan combined trembler lasted about 30 seconds.

The 12th male did it again during a 2015 playoffs when Kam Chancellor returned an interception opposite a Carolina Panthers for 90-yard touchdown run.

And afterwards a “dance quake” was reported to have occurred by ESPN

With all this ground-shaking activity, seismic sensors have indeed been commissioned during CenturyLink Field

BONUS: The “12th Man” is so shrill that it’s tighten to ear rupturing. No other throng causes some-more fake starts.

TK TK gifs

The Twelves have gotten adult to 137.6 decibelsrupture an eardrum

Because of this intensely shrill crowd, ever given a group started recording hostile group fake starts during home games in 2005

In 2006, when a group was still during Qwest Field a Giants GM Ernie Accorsi complained

All images Getty unless differently noted.

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