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U of Calgary researchers emanate leakproof pipeline

  • May 29, 2017

In a groundwork laboratory during a University of Calgary, a span of researchers contend they have a resolution to one of a pivotal problems confronting a oil and gas tube attention — spills.

The researchers contend their system, that combines real-time monitoring and an outdoor covering around a pipeline, would better strengthen a sourroundings and save a repute of a attention by expelling leaks — yet it would come during a aloft cost.

“We have a entirely organic antecedent that illustrates totally a feasibility of a technology,” pronounced Martin Mintchev, an engineering highbrow during a University of Calgary. 

New tube record grown by U of C researchers0:28

Their design surrounds a tube with a incomparable pipe, done of steel or plastic. A space between a tube and a outdoor layer contains any leaks, and that’s also where a wireless monitoring complement can immediately detect any spills, pinpoint a plcae and pointer a severity.

The plea now, pronounced Mintchev, is “the will of a attention to innovate and deposit in environmental insurance issues.”

Small leak, large problem

For decades the tube attention operated in nearby obscurity, but in new years the zone is during a forefront of political, environmental and mercantile debates in Canada. Pipeline spills are rarely publicized, and those leaks are one reason why proposals for destiny projects are contentious.

“We wish a multitude to be calmer on this issue, since we have a technological resolution for steam problems from pipelines,” pronounced Mintchev. We know how to exercise it. It is not that costly compared to a repairs contingent leaks can do.” 


Husky Energy says it has spent $107 million cleaning adult an oil brief on a North Saskatchewan River nearby Maidstone, Sask., in Jul 2016. (Jason Franson/Canadian Press)

Spills, like Enbridge’s notorious 2010 pipeline rupture that poured 3.3 million litres of oil into Michigan’s Kalamazoo River and cost some-more than $1 billion to purify up, occur intermittently deliberation how most oil and gas pipelines ride opposite a continent each day.

Regardless, leaks have begun to erode open certainty in pipeline safety. A check final year found 40 per cent of Canadians upheld a duration on new oil and gas pipelines.

Pipeline companies use modernized record to guard their infrastructure and keep a tighten eye for any leaks. For instance, Calgary-based TransCanada spent some-more than $1.5 billion on surety upkeep programs in 2015, that enclosed some-more than 700 digs to check tube integrity. Drones, vigour sensors and even specifically trained dogs are used by attention to check pipelines, while other techniques are being developed. 

TransCanada's tube monitoring centre

TransCanada monitors a tube network around a time from a trickery in Calgary. The association spends $1.5 billion a year to forestall leaks. (Tracy Johnson/CBC)

“It is not enough,” said Thiago Valentin de Oliveira, an electrical and computer-engineering master’s tyro operative on a project. “There is a vital reason because — all of those monitoring systems that have been due in literature, they usually detect steam after it has happened. Our record not usually detects a leak, though also prevents it from happening. That is some-more critical than anything.” 

The cost to protect

Ideally, a researchers would like tube companies to use their record on existent pipelines in supportive areas, such as nearby rivers and lakes. They guess their tube pattern could cost during slightest 25 per cent some-more to build, though that could be reduced if a outdoor protecting covering was done of combination element or plastic, instead of steel.

“Compared to a cost of a trickle and to a open family repairs that this trickle causes total with serve problems building serve pipelines, we find a cost really simply bearable,” pronounced Mintchev.

If companies are not meddlesome in chartering their leakproof pipeline system, a researchers devise to launch their possess startup to produce, broach and implement their equipment.

Pipelines ride several materials opposite Canada, including crude oil, bitumen, healthy gas, gasoline and jet fuel. The researchers devise serve tests of their record that considers various materials and opposite temperatures. 

Valentin de Oliveira and Mintchev have a obvious pending and will be presenting their leakless tube complement during a Global Petroleum Show in Calgary subsequent month. 

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