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Three Dead in Denmark After Shooting in Copenhagen Mall

  • July 04, 2022

A witness, Mahdi Al-Wazni, told TV 2 News that he had seen the gunman.

“He seemed violent and angry, and he was shouting as he ran,” he said, adding that he saw the gunman smashing windows at the mall.

Other witnesses described scenes of panic and of employees’ helping shoppers flee through the back rooms of stores. One woman told TV 2 that she and her family had stopped at a store to get snacks for her 1-year-old daughter when the family heard a loud bang.

Rikke Olsen said that her husband at first thought the noise was someone setting off fireworks or throwing firecrackers. The noise was followed by a dash of mall patrons running toward the family.

Ms. Olsen turned around and saw a man holding what appeared to be a rifle, which he was loading, she said.

“I turn around and I run just as fast as I can holding my 3-year-old boy’s hand,” she said. “I just pull him with me, and then I lose my grip, and people are stepping on him, because they’re running.”

She picked him up and continued to run.

In a statement late Sunday, Denmark’s prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, urged Danes to be united in the aftermath of the “cruel attack.”

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