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Sandy Hook Families Are Fighting Alex Jones and the Bankruptcy System Itself

  • March 19, 2023

It remains unclear how much Mr. Jones is actually worth. Recent court documents indicate that he is continuing to transfer real estate to his family, including an adult son.

In late January, under pressure from the bankruptcy court, Mr. Jones submitted a personal balance sheet detailing only about $5.6 million in total assets, including $368,899 in bank accounts, $682,899 in something called “inventory platinum,” and a $2.2 million homestead.

In the February statement of Mr. Jones’s financial affairs, the one prefaced with disclaimers about its accuracy, his property was valued at a total of $10 million, including a home, lake house and rural acreage worth $5.4 million. The statement said Mr. Jones owned two cars and two boats valued at $274,000, but listed as “unknown” the value of his premarital agreement, eight limited liability companies and several trusts. His stated monthly income was $129,000, but $104,000 of that was from sources that were not disclosed.

“The financial reporting and records are incomplete and the accuracy is uncertain,” Ms. Haselden, the Justice Department monitor, said in a court filing.

This past week, Ms. Haselden filed a subpoena for documents showing Mr. Jones’s cryptocurrency transactions and other financial dealings. The Southern Poverty Law Center has tracked millions of dollars in cryptocurrency donations last year to accounts tied to Mr. Jones.

Last month, the families retained an asset tracing firm to try to unearth more of Mr. Jones’s money, a process expected to take months.

So far, the only money Mr. Jones has paid in the Sandy Hook matter has been to his lawyers and the courts, as he has run up millions of dollars in legal fees and sanctions for abusing the judicial process. Another trial for damages — potentially on top of the more than $1.4 billion Mr. Jones owes — is slated for this year.

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