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Britney Spears Fights Father’s Fee Claim, Alleging Financial Misconduct

  • January 19, 2022

It was unclear how the security firm might have obtained this information. The declaration notes that these methods are typically available only to law enforcement authorities via a court order.

The declaration also alleges that Mr. Spears asked Black Box to send him his daughter’s “therapy notes” from her iCloud account, despite being aware that he was expressly prohibited from reviewing them without Ms. Spears’s permission.

Ms. Ebadi noted that Black Box had been paid almost $6 million from Ms. Spears’s estate.

Ms. Spears’s legal team claimed that “the conservatorship originated from an ethically conflicted relationship,” citing a $40,000 loan first reported by The Times that was made by Tri Star, a business management firm run by Mr. Spears’s friend Louise M. Taylor, to Mr. Spears around the time that he applied for the conservatorship. While still indebted to the company, Mr. Spears then hired Tri Star to manage his daughter’s estate, a role that netted the firm millions during the conservatorship.

According to the court filing, Kroll’s investigation has identified several instances in which Mr. Spears engaged in financial misconduct, self-dealing and mismanagement as conservator.

The filing claimed Mr. Spears engaged in self-dealing as conservator when he sold Ms. Spears’s childhood home to himself. It also said Mr. Spears had paid for his living expenses with his daughter’s funds, including close to $9,000 paid to Advanced Multimedia Partners, a business entity owned by James P. Watson III, the husband of Mr. Spears’s daughter Jamie Lynn Spears.

Ms. Ebadi also notes that Mr. Spears paid costs of $1.5 million related to upkeep of Ms. Spears’s property in Louisiana — two to three times the value of the house — and evaded a question raised by the court as to the “extraordinarily high expenses.” She stated that more than $178,000 of the $1.5 million spent on the Louisiana residence was paid to Advanced Multimedia Partners.

The filing alleges that the estate, at times, paid for improper legal fees for others, including expenses related to Ms. Taylor, and an episode involving a domestic violence restraining order filed against Mr. Spears that barred him from contact with Ms. Spears’s children.

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