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BMO pot financing outlines process change for Canadian banks

  • January 18, 2018

The Bank of Montreal’s participation in a vital financing understanding for protected pot writer Canopy Growth outlines a large process change for Canada’s biggest banks, that might be warming adult to a cannabis sector.

Canopy, Canada’s biggest protected cannabis producer, announced yesterday that BMO Capital Markets and GMP Securities were heading a $175-million bought understanding charity of roughly 5 million shares.

Until now, Canadian banks have been demure to use a country’s burgeoning pot industry, withdrawal smaller banks and financial institutions to money in on pot companies’ financing and blurb banking needs.

However, a legislative landscape in Canada is changing fast as a sovereign and provincial governments rigging adult for legalization of cannabis for recreational use by this summer, and pot bonds have seen poignant gains over a past year in anticipation.

But BMO’s appearance in a Canopy understanding comes as lawmakers moment down south of a limit — where many of Canada’s large banks have ties — on marijuana, that stays bootleg in a U.S. underneath sovereign law.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions progressing this month rescinded an Obama-era memo that suggested that sovereign lawmakers would not meddle in states where a drug is legal, permitting legalization to flourish.

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