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Amazon hikes monthly Prime membership cost — though not in Canada

  • January 19, 2018

Amazon is hiking a monthly price it charges a U.S. business for Prime membership, though a change won’t impact Canadians who all compensate by a year.

The  online tradesman announced Friday that starting immediately, new business would be charged  $12.99 US a month, adult from $10.99 US previously. The monthly price for college students with arise to $6.49 US a month, adult from $5.49 US currently. Existing monthly members will start profitable a aloft fees subsequent month, a association said.

Instead of a monthly fee, Amazon also offers an annual price of $99 Cdn for Prime membership, and there are no skeleton to change that. 

Canadians are free from a monthly price travel since all of Prime memberships in Canada are of a annual variety, a association reliable to CBC News in an email. “We don’t have anything to share with courtesy to pricing change for Prime membership in Canada,” a association said.

Amazon doesn’t divulge how many Prime members it has, though it has had success with a module since Prime members tend to buy some-more things on a site, some-more often, since shipping is discerning and inexpensive.

They also get other perks, such as entrance to Amazon’s video and song streaming services.

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